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Limited Edition

Limited edition Moomin products.

Ahoy Moomin fans! The treasure chest of Moomin products has been opened. Find Moomin specialities (some even with special prices) like the Moon specialities, Moomin indoor sleeping bags and familiar prints in new colors. Please, feel free to look around. But, a word of warning. You may meet the of the treasure chest, as there are only a few pieces of each product.
Products 1 - 3  (Total 3)
Moomin Rag Rug Piece - Accessories - 10055-0010-01-01 - 1
52,95 €
Available in stock
Moominmamma's Rose Garden Pillowcase - Pillowcases - 61139-4984-01-10 - 1
17,95 €
Out of stock
Moominmamma's Rose Garden Cushion Cover - Decorative Cushion Covers - 81821-4986-01-04 - 1
35,95 €
Available in stock